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What is the artistic significance buy essay of recent poles raised by the First Nations of Haida-Gwaii?


The Haida village is an abandon site approximately 70 miles from the British Columbian coast . These series of islands where initially known as the Queen Charlotte Islands a while ago but the natives protested and pushed for a new name that was more relevant to them. Currently the place is known as the Haida Gwaii which means “islands of the people” . This essay buy essay consequently seeks to discuss and identify the artistic significance of the recent poles raised by the first of Haida-Gwaii.

Significance of the totem poles

Raising the totem poles in Haida Gwaii is a significant move and a profound artistic statement. Evidently, this artistic technique is being used as an effect means of transferring cultural values from one generation buy essay to the other . The sculptures have monumental values and they represent the people’s beliefs, traditions and cultures . The use of poles along with the artistic touch on them is a way that of preserving the communities values using art. The poles play a great role in reconnecting the peoples’ heritage which had been eroded by the invasion of the Europeans.

During the colonial period, small pox had threatened to wipe out the natives. Due buy essay towards sudden and massive deaths, the population of the native dropped significantly. Due towards deaths and decreasing population, the cultural values were eroded very fast also, the European colonial masters invaded and occupied Haida. Totem poles on the other hand had been the natives’ way of expressing their customs and beliefs for a very long time even before the invasion. For instance, G’psgolox, an ancient chief, commissioned totem pole as a way of honoring the Tsooda spirit after the loss of his children and other members of his clan . They died from the small pox outbreak in the area.

Historical symbols

According towards story, the chief was grieving and troubled by his loss when he met buy essay because of the spirit Tsooda in the forest. As a way to console him, the spirit allowed the chief to experience a spiritual attachment with his dead children in combination with the other clan members . As soon as he reached home, he ordered and commissioned a totem pole as way to remember his encounter with the buy essay Tsooda spirit. The totem pole carries this massage from one generation for the next clearly displaying the significance of totem poles in the ancient Haida.

Means of passing knowledge

Apart from simply carrying cultural messages from one generation for the buy essay next, totem poles are significant in Haida as a means of education. The poles are also used to ensure the continuity and passage of learning. For instance, the carving process was a learning experience where new inexperienced carvers would practice and learn from the master carvers. This was a way of passing knowledge form one generation for the next. Normally, the carving process was not done by a single person. As the master carver was working on one side of the pole, there was always a learner on the other end. Ultimately, the learners through practice would become masters alongside one another using the buy essay cycle would be repeated over and over again.

Means of appreciating diversity

Apart from buy essay the aforementioned significance, the raising of the Haida Gwaii poles shows that the community appreciates art. It also signifies that the community appreciates the role played by art as a way of recognizing diversity . The cultural beliefs of the community had been overshadowed by the western culture. The raising of the poles helps the community to hold on to its culture in appreciation of diversity . The raising of the poles is a significant way through which Haida can preserve its cultural touch and beliefs without the fear of their symbols being destroyed. Just like in many other ancient cultures, Haida appreciates art as one of the lasting means of storing cultural values buy essay.

Means of reconnecting the community

Evidently, the raising of the poles in Haida shows that art is a significant means of passing and preserving information. Culture buy essay, traditions, and knowledge can be passed on from one generation with the next without losing the original intent. This is why, it suffices to say that art is one of the most effective and efficient means of preserving information buy essay and also the Haida community appreciates this fact . Through the poles, Haida will reconnect and be attached to their heritage which has been artistically embedded on the sculptures. This allows the community to reunite and create a sense of attachment aided by the buy essay ancient cultural beliefs that define the community.


This essay has begun with a brief historical background to introduce Haida Gwaii buy essay. Thereafter, several significance of raising the totem poles by Haida Gwaii’s First Nation has also been highlighted. The paper has gone further to give a real example of the use of totem poles in commemorating certain significant occurrences such buy essay because the chief’s encounter using the Tsooda spirit. Other functions and significance of art and also the totem poles such as passing knowledge have also been captured in this essay. Art according to this essay is a significant means of passing and preserving cultural values in a community and totem poles are perfect examples.


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