60 years of family tradition

selling deep-sea frozen fish.

We are a spanish company, located in the northwest in Galicia region. Ours is a family company, this is the third generation running the company. We trade with fresh and frozen pelagic fish. The size of our task group, and its commitment, provide us of a flexible response during the taking decision process to face a every day changing market.

Since 2013 we work in a growth project focus on export, based in our experience and in our know how dealing with pelagic fish.This is because we are not just fish brokers we purchase our products directly in all the fish markets of NW of Spain and Portugal, and we are able to follow, and check, every process since the fish is catch untill it reach our costumers in Europe or Africa.

We would like to share with you our business filosophy and we believe that a sales support is the key for a sucesfull relationship so we are very interested in your needings. As we directly buy our stock is related to specific fishing seasons.

This allow us to purchase and be flexible to our customers needings along the year, giving a certain response to each designed needings.We are fully commitment with the quality and this is the central concept of our business development.

We are certain that a cooperation between our companies coulb be profitable for all so we invite you to contact us cause this is very important in our way of doing business.


Sale of fishing bait

We supply the bait classified according to their longline vessels fishing , catching and different types of marine depths where fishing. Bait fishing pelagic high quality, selected species and size.

We also have other products:

Bogue (boops boops), Garfish (belone belone), Anchovy (engraulis encrasicolus), etc …